Interior Design Trends

interior-designGREEN SCENE

The emphasis on green continues to gain momentum. Eco friendly lighting, green paint ,furniture that is both green and chic are becoming very popular. Recycled and repurposed items such as old suitcases made into tables .Creating recycled art is an exploration of the beauty of materials when salvaged & reenergized and the possibilities of the discarded & reclaimed.


Today design is about smaller, well planned spaces made with quality materials that will last a lifetime. Dollars are being focused on fewer, but higher end products and materials. Expect to see a re-connection with nature, more wood and metal in design. Latest interior design trends is to bring nature and natural elements in the house to create a relaxed and comfortable environment. Butterflies and dragonflies ,floral and leaves patterns, wall decorations and modern lights all inspired by nature.


All nationalities are celebrated in this trend. Lots of color and pattern reemerging this year. Ethnic pieces give your home instant history in this fast paced disposable world. African masks mixed with French antiques, Moroccan textiles upholster sofas. Persian carpets, Banarasi cushions add the vintage feel.


Leathers, tweeds, flannels and other menswear inspired fabrics are popping up all over furniture. Textures are “broken shiny” (like faux lizard skin patterns), and involve head to toe sequins, and engineered curves, separating those matt finishes and transparencies. Graduated color, cork, metalized crochet patterns – leather, soft and worn, textures are evidenced in furnishings, lace,crochet and velvet makes a comeback in the Home Décor market. Return to traditional design is seen through fabrics like plaids, herringbones, wool, cashmere, suede, and leather.


Aims to provide you with one-of-a-kind products that are both functional and fashionable. Furniture and equipment recalls Working/Dressing: steel cabinets at mimic safes, but with stylish perforated panels and doors. Corrugated and perforated metal sheets are widely used in furniture and open shelves, partitions and other items. This season trend is really about metallics, transparency, and optical textures in fabrics shown side-by-side with very modern matte finishes with engineered curved lines,   Modern meets updated flea market, or rather transitional. Metallic colours are big this season – not only the staple gold, silver, and bronze shimmer, but bright colors, too.


Blue prints, Maps as art , Graphics, Mazes , Shaping soundwaves into 3D art, Digital art are some of the design elements to be seen.Stainless steel and reflective surfaces are seen a lot. The egg is representative of rebirth, orbital shapes will be big . Solar power – sort of one step back to the future. Futuristic design, Mirrored images , Creative use of acrylics will be displayed through design – light vs. dark, shadow art, and silhouettes , Use of mysterious tones to set a mood.


The color predictions for 2011/12 are glorious vibrant jewel colors; we will see them all, emerald, ruby, teal blue, coral, peacock blue, buttery golden yellows, deep oranges, turquoise bring a ‘”joyful, clear, and clean” look , all supported by the use of gold, luscious thick creamy creams, ivory and warm white. Warmth, texture, layers , opulence and luxury are key for 2011 and beyond with an Egyptian theme of blues greens and golds emerging. Violet and purples seem to be taking a back seat for 2011 as are the cooler, distancing shades of chalk, grey, brown and the monochrome look fading, rather we will see taupe and silver grey being used with the luxurious color of velvety black in soft furnishings, lamp shades and extras to support the vibrancy of the jewel colors.